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Shijiazhuang Huaming Laye Limited Company

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Gift candles will become a habit to embellish life


The candle always looks like a sunset industry that has gone away, but the gift candle gives it a different definition. As early as 1969, the 17-year-old Mike Kitrich melted the colored crayons into a candle. When given as a Christmas gift to a mother, the candle has become a consumable gift. Gift candles are not a necessities of life, but Huaming Candle industry has been operating at this tiny entrance for more than a decade, becoming a popular gift candle manufacturer.
After more than ten years of in-depth excavation, Huaming Candle has developed more than one hundred products, and the product line has extended to the car fragrance in addition to the home fragrance, and even introduced candle containers and crafts, candlesticks and other related accessories. The new incense wax natural fragrance series is the main aromatherapy treatment, positioning the product design in the high fragrance market. But like the Huaming Candle market, “No matter which product line, the experience of scent is still a big sales driver for the rich and powerful candle industry, it sounds like a good wine.”

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