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Handmade DIY cute cute candle


I want to ask my girlfriend to propose a marriage, I want to get a romantic candlelight atmosphere, the ready-made candle is too monotonous enough personality how to do ~! Let's make a cute and lovely candle by ourselves!
Let's prepare a cup, this mold as a candle!
Now pour a layer of wax on the bottom!

Put the candle wick on it and fix it with a stick!


Prepare an empty cup, put a wax block, and adjust the color at the point of gray pigment!
After the heat is melted, pour it into the inside of the cup!
Then we are preparing the wax block and melting!
This time, the color of the wax block itself can be used, and the amount is relatively large once!
The cup is filled and stopped!
We are pouring a layer of yellow wax on the top ~! Waiting for solidification!

Prepare a piece of tin foil, pour a little black wax on the tin foil, and let it solidify!


Then use the hollow glass rod to press out the two circles, this one will be used to make the eyes!
With a knife, cut out a mouth!
Then, after the candle that was just made is completely solidified, we will pour it out!
The candle embryo is ready!

Then we glued the eyes we just made to the wax embryo!


The eyes are glued!
Stick a small mouth and focus on the eyes with white paint!
After you have finished, use crayons and blush on both sides of your eyes!
Cute and super cute candles are ready!

Ignite it, send a girlfriend, or put a heart shape to confess to her!


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