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How did the custom of blowing candles on birthdays come from?


Blowing candles, making wishes, and eating cakes seems to have become a must-have procedure for people to have their birthdays. So why do you want to blow a candle when you have a birthday?

It is said that this custom originated in ancient Greece. In the local area, people believe in the moon goddess Artemis. Every year at her birthday celebration, people put a lot of honey cakes on the altar and light the candles, comparing the light from the candle to the clear glow of the moon, thus creating a sacred atmosphere to express the goddess of the moon. Respectful feelings.


Later, when the ancient Greeks celebrated their children's birthdays, they also placed cakes and other foods on the table, and lit candles to show their love for the children, and also added a link to blow the candles. Because they think that the burning candle has a mysterious power, then let the child make a wish, it will be realized. Since then, blowing candles has become a very meaningful event for children, adults or elderly birthday parties. And the scope of this activity is also expanding, spreading in many countries.
There is another saying that the candle on the birthday cake is the same as the age, and then the birthday is blown out by the birthday star. It is said that this is because the ancient Europeans believed that the smoke was able to ascend into heaven, and after wishing to blow out the candle in one breath, then their wishes would rise to heaven with the smoke, so that the wish could be realized.
The candle certainly has its beautiful meaning: burn the past, regain new life and open a bright future. But this is only a good prayer for people. If they want to achieve it, they must rely on their own efforts.

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